Our Clients


There are many different types of people that hire me and my team.  The one thing that they all have in common is that they are busy people, and don't want or need a rental property to become a part-time job.  Once they have professional management, they are free to focus on other parts of their lives, knowing that their investment is being properly cared for.
We help people who are leasing out their home or condos comply with Landlord/Tenant Fair Housing laws, and help them to secure a longer-term lease and a more qualified applicant.  Owning rental real estate is an excellent opportunity, but you need to secure the services of a qualified property management team if you are not able and willing to devote substantial time and effort into managing a property yourself.
The most rapidly growing group of people who need our services is what we call “accidental landlords.” Many people move from one house to another, and they keep their original home as a rental instead of selling it. Unfortunately, landlord/tenant relationships are complex, and casual knowledge is not enough. The stories of ugly evictions and unqualified tenants almost always involve a part-time, solo landlord who did not have a proper lease or procedures, and left themselves unprotected.
The second group we work with consider themselves professional investors. Whether their strategy is renting homes while land-banking and hoping for a big re-zoning win, investing in multi-family units, or building their wealth one single-family home at a time, we can help. Investors are good at buying and improving their properties.  We are good at managing properties and keeping them filled.  Knowing that their properties are being run efficiently frees investors from worry and allows them to focus on their next property. If you consider yourself a professional investor, you owe it to yourself to book an appointment with us and see what we can offer you.
Your investment is our Priority!