Owner and Tenant Testimonials

Here is what some of our owners are saying:

This is our third time asking Christy looking for tenants for us. It is faster (and certainly friendly help) this time even in September. The house was posted on 9/6/15 and tenants signed the rental agreement on 9/9/15. Thank you for Christy and her team!
9/10/2015 -chen14

Ms. Christy is the best we ever have. We appreciate her excellent service. My wife and I will gladly recommend her service to my friends. Thank you Christy.
7/14/15- Hanchi & Claire

5 Stars for Christy Rice
Christy rented our property out for us about a year ago. After trying to rent it out ourselves for 6 weeks, dealing with flakey people who weren't suitable tenants, we turned to Christy. While I thought our home was in good shape already, she was fastidious about cleaning and we got to work - the inside of window sliders, vents over the stove, and more. Christy had our home rented to good tenants a week later. I wish we had contacted her immediately rather than tried unsuccessfully to rent it out ourselves. Before the lease expired, I spoke to her about renewing with the tenants, and she provided a great recommendation that definitely did not favor her own hip pocket. Recently I found another agent (Meghan Weinberg at RPA) advertising a home for rent using copy and a photo from the listing of my property, and Christy was all over it. I am convinced that the situation was only resolved because of Christy's intervention and reputation. Christy is honest, clear, knowledgeable, accessible, fair, friendly, and diligent.
Someone posted in another review(Yelp) about Christy withholding part of their deposit because they did not provide a receipt that the carpet was cleaned when they moved out. The agreement with our tenants, that Christy created, stipulates that the tenants must have their carpet professionally cleaned and leave a receipt in the house when they leave. That's pretty clear to me.
7/29/2014- Bergamus A.

This is the first time we used a property manager for our rental. We were impressed by her friendly manner and her complete professionalism. She pointed out things that needed to be improved without sounding authoritarian or demeaning and had an extremely good eye for detail. She knew the market and neighborhood so were delighted when she said she felt the apartment was worth more than we expected. Now we have a lovely family who appreciates the apartment and all our efforts to make it comfortable for them and more important is taking care of it like a home. We also liked the fact that the paperwork was done properly, in great detail and gave us the confidence that everything should anything unfortunate happen. We will always use Christy for any real estate needs we may have in the future and highly recommend her for anyone needing professional help.
10/25/2013 -garundell

We have rented out the house with Christy twice in the past years. She is always prompt, very responsive and goes above and beyond the expectations. Furthermore, Christy makes sure that the tenant you get passes all the quality checks she has in place and adheres to the preferences you communicated to her. Ultimately, she has vast experience to give you sound advice, explaining pros and cons of each decision. It is a great pleasure to recommend Christy - it is nice to work with such a pro.
10/24/2013 - d_kissin

Christy, You have been a wonderful aide to us in finding and retaining clients for our condo, in management through a rough tenant, and generally looking out for our interests. You are really good at what you do and anyone that wants a reference on your work, services, attitude, integrity, and ethical behavior, send them to me. Thanks again for the assistance.
My regards, Doug R. 2013

Christy is very professional and dedicated to her clients and work. She has always been available if we needed an advice or help. It has been a pleasure working with Christy and I would highly recommend her!
10/24/2013 -elenakissin

I would recommend using Windemere Property Management. They have proven to be extremely professional and helpful when relocating. In particular, Christy Rice and her team (Seattle) are fast, dilligent, efficient and trustworthy. And I am very particular. You won't be disappointed.
Kimberly B. 9/12/2013
Mercer Island, WA

Christy Rice is by far the best in the business! Renting out the home I've lived in for so long I had concerns about living so far and having someone else in my home. I felt secured knowing that Christy will do whatever it takes to always find the best tenant for me. She even gets professional photos and does video tours at no extra cost! She will go the extra mile for her clients. Without any hesitation, I called her for help and she drove over to meet me at Home Depot...on a Sunday! She replies to emails and returns calls immediately. Working with Christy there is no doubt I am in great hands! I can not thank you enough, Christy, for all of your help and encouragement!!!!
Barbara C. 6/19/2013
Issaquah, WA

I used Christy Rice to find a tenant for my first rental. She did an amazing job. House was rented in about 2 weeks. She was ALWAYS available and willing to answer questions. I think she does an excellent job screening potential tenants, trying to find just the right tenant for the individual house, and is extremely ethical throughout the process. I have no real desire to be a landlord, and I feel very comfortable having Christy and her team manage my property.
Elizabeth R. 01/15/2012
Snohomish, WA

This office now has the best Property Manager! Christy Rice found me a tenant last year but cannot help me until another office (Lori Gills in bellevue) lets her. Until then I will find tenant myself and God almighty will watch over me during this difficult time. Thank you Christy for being professional and helping my family not loose our home. I never thought it could be this easy. I will wait until we can work together again.
Paul W. 11/03/2011
Flemington, NJ

I would highly recommend Christy Rice as a property manager. I have worked with her for almost 5 years and have been extremely satisfied with her responsiveness and her ability to market and rent my unit. Over the past 4.5 years that I have worked with Christy my unit has only been vacant 2 weeks and I have only had two tenants - an extremely low turnover - which reaps all kinds of long term benefits, like less wear and tear on the unit. Christy was able to accomplish this through her great customer services to the renters and her shrewd knowledge of the market. I completely attribute the success of my rental to Christy. I had never planned on being a 'landlord' and Christy has been the perfect property manager for me. She keeps me update to date and informed about my unit while making owning a second property completely effortless.
Sarah C. 09/26/2011
Bellevue, WA

I've been a home owner for the past 25 years. I never thought I would be a landlord and lease my beautiful family home, but this past summer that seemed like the best solution for my current situation. I respect and appreciate the service I received working with Christy Rice. I found her to be knowledgeable, available for any/all questions and relaxed to work with while still being professional. As a first timer in the world of leasing, she was very helpful in easing my stresses. She found me an excellent tenant that is a wonderful match for my home. I felt she did a great job marketing my home and provided exceptional protection for both parties signing the lease with her thorough documentation (via filming) of the walk thru of the condition of the home at lease signing. I can see how this will help eliminate any conflicts at the end of the lease when it is time to evaluate the deposit. I also signed a leased on a condo, and having been thru that process, I wish the leasing agent on that end had provided the quality of service that I received with Christy. I highly recommend Christy Rice as a leasing agent.
Marie F. 09/13/2011
Bellevue, WA

As a Realtor for more than 24 years, I am quite dependent upon great service and information from colleagues in order to give the best service possible to my clients - both buyers and sellers. Over the past 5+ years, one of my strongest allies has been Christy Rice of Windermere Property Management in Bellevue. She has always been extremely professional, fast and knowledgeable about the current rental market. Her information has helped many of my clients decide about whether to rent or sell their property.
I will continue to recommend Christy and WPM to my clients with complete confidence as always.
Anna N. 09/11/2011
Bellevue, WA

Christy Rice is always very responsive and helpful - I would recommend her and Windermere Property Management to anyone, home owners and renters alike. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and professionalism.
Jessica B. 09/06/2011
Seattle, WA

As a realtor, I've worked with a number of property managers, none being as outstanding as Christy Rice. She represents her landlords and tenants well, and is generally great to deal with. She is highly personable, efficient, and organized. I would not hesitate to refer Christy anytime, and in fact is the only property manager I want to work with!
Dan F. 09/01/2011
Snoqualmie, WA

I hired Christy Rice to take over management of an apartment building from another firm. She has done a great job with achieving 100% occupancy and managing numerous problems related to the previous management firm. She is very responsive and always follows through on commitments she makes.
K C. 07/03/2011
Bothell, WA

My wife and I recently got Christy Rice to help us rent our home in Kirkland, and also manage our property while we are away. Christy did an absolutely amazing job at advertising our home, screening candidates, and finally (within 2 weeks of it being listed) getting a tenant to sign a lease. With us being two states away, we are at ease that Christy will be looking after our property while it's being rented. I would highly recommend Christy. She made this process so easy for us, and she is such a pleasure to work with.
Taimur R. 05/11/2011
Kirkland, WA

Thank you for your wishes on us selling our home. You have made the house rental process worry-free and hasslefree, and we have really enjoyed working with you. We would not hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends or co-workers. Please let me know if you ever need us to provide a referral to a prospective client.
A.B., 2010 Redmond, WA

Thanks for your excellent work you turned out to be a huge assist, way to go! I will certainly use you in the future as well as recommend you to my friends.
G.M., 2010 Kirkland, WA

I felt secured knowing that Christy will do whatever it takes to find the best tenant for me. She will go the extra mile for her clients. Without any hesitation, I called her for help and she drove over to meet me...on a Saturday! She replies to emails and returns calls immediately. It was a pleasure working with Christy and there is no doubt that I will be asking for her help again in the future. Thank you!
B.T, 2010 Kirkland, WA

Christy with Windermere has been a blessing for our family. She is prompt to provide us answers to any and all questions and has made our transition a breeze. I can honestly say that Christy provides a touch that exceeds many others. She makes herself available at any hour, is professional, promotes open and honest communication, and is simply easy to work with. We have been using Windermere for over three years now and will not consider any other company due to the reasons above. I confidently recommend Windermere Property Mgmt based on my experiences over the years.
Snoqualmie, 2010

I have had the pleasure of working with both Christy Rice and Lori Gill for many years, and they both, as well as all representatives of Windermere Property Management, have always displayed the utmost in professionalism and customer service. As a real estate agent for 25 years in the Seattle and Eastside areas, WPM and specifically Christy Rice, are my choice to represent my clients that either choose to rent vs purchasing, or elect to rent their property vs selling. All of my clients have been 100% satisfied with the "above and beyond" service provided by Christy Rice. She is knowledgeable, understands the transitional "challenges" of her clients, and is always available when needed. In addition, her positive and friendly attitude immediately puts people at ease with her. As a fellow real estate professional, I validate Christy's commitment to her profession, and understand our mutual wish for complete client satisfaction. Unfortunately there are some people we encounter during the course of business that will not be satisfied no matter what efforts the agent makes on their behalf; and enjoy being a "victim"....If you read the other "reviews" by Zinzan, he is not satisfied by many; and indeed his review of WPM and Christy Rice should be completely disregarded. I will continue to send my clients to WPM and Christy Rice, with the utmost confidence that they will be wholly and satisfactorily represented!
Hillie T., Yelp.com, WA 2010

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and professionalism. Christy is always very responsive and helpful - I would recommend her and Windermere Property Management to anyone, home owners and renters alike.
Jessica B., Kirkland, WA 2010

Christy and Windermere Property Management are amazing!
Christy is super-responsive and is always cheery and upbeat. She took the time to walk us through the process and explain every little detail. She worked with us at odd hours and provided very valuable input.
Seattle S., Redmond, 2010

My experience with Christy has been execpetionally positive. When I reached out to her office to rent my property last year, not only was she onsite to take pictures and offer advice the next day, she actually replaced light bulbs for me because I forgot to! (Seriously). And my exeprience working together has always been THAT cool. She targeted the price and timeframe I needed, and kept me posted with email reports and phone calls about property viewings. Rather than just "close a deal", she even warned me about someone who showed interest in the property as perhaps not being the right fit for me as a tenant, and I was thankful for that. Since that deal close, I've actually contacted her on two separate occasions for real estate advice and she was receptive, candid and helpful both times. A polite, affable, knowledgable professional, I would highly recommend Christy Rice @ WPM to anyone.
Jefferson F., Redmond, WA 2010

My experience with Christy Rice for renting my condo in Seattle has been excellent. she has been very professional, organized and responsive. I appreciate her diligence in checking out the potential renters. I am glad she does focus on the client's best interest.
Pat P., Anacortes, WA 2010

As a Realtor for more than 22 years, I am quite dependant upon great service and information from colleagues in order to give the best service possible to my clients - both buyers and sellers. Over the past 5+ years, one of my strongest allies has been Christy Rice of Windermere Property Management in Bellevue. She has always been extremely professional, fast and knowledgeable about the current rental market. Her information has helped many of my clients decide about whether to rent or sell their property. That's why it is so unfortunate that some people take it upon themselves to write negative comments when they may not be familiar with how rental representation works and just need to take out their frustrations at not having been chosen by the landlord to rent a particular property. I will continue to recommend Christy and WPM to my clients with complete confidence as always
Anna N., Bellevue, WA 2010

Christy Rice manages my rental property and does a fantastic job! Especially in screening potential renters. She is a true matchmaker.
Her "stable" of handymen, plumbers etc. are FAR cheaper and more efficient than the contractors I would call, making my property more profitable and my renters very happy! The no-hassle approach she takes to small requests are truly professional and appreciated.
I highly recommend this company and Christy Rice in particular.
Randy H., Redmond, WA 2010

Christy Rice has been managing our rental property for a year now and worked exceptionally hard to find us a tenant the first time, helped us coordinate a major repair for a good price and with good quality. We've had no problems with any tenant issues and she found us a new tenant before the old one even moved out! Always very responsive on email with questions and good reporting/accountability. Good experiences.
Scott R., Kirkland, WA 2010

We would be lost without Windermere/Lori Gill - and Christy Rice in particular. She manages our property as we have moved out of the area a few years ago. She has found us two fantastic renters so far. She is always very personable and respectable. She has established great contacts to get home repairs done and she has been able to secure great rates for us when we needed things done to our home. I cannot say enough nice things about them.
Kim G., Santa Clara, CA 2010

Christy Rice is top notch in our book. She made owning rental property a joy. She took all the guess work out and we basically just collected the money - she is the best.
Anon, 2009 Broker's Feedback Project

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that working with Christy was a pleasure. The experience I had with her was outstanding, dramatically different to the one I had before. She is very professional, responsive and stays on top of the entire process. Thanks for your services and I expect doing business with your company in the future.
A.B., 2009 Seattle, WA

Christy is extremely professional and very knowledgeable of both Real Estate and the area. We had a situation in our home that required immediate attention and Christy managed it as though it was her own home. Christy has performed regular visits and contact with our property to ensure our tenant is maintaining our property in the same manner we would expect. Any property money matters are well documented and a copy is forwarded to us for our records. Moving across the country from your property can be concerning but I assure you that we rest comfortably knowing we are in great hands with our property in Christy's care.
A.B., 2009 Kirkland, WA

Christy Rice is a rockstar. I hired her because i loved her go gettem' attitude. She has been amazing and I recommend her all the time to people.
Anon, 2009 Broker's Feedback Project

Hi Christy, We have enjoyed and happy working with you and the excellent, efficient services you have been provided . Thank you and appreciated very much
A.B., 2009 Bellevue, WA

I enjoy dealing with Christy Rice. She is responsive, personable and honest.
Anon, 2009 Broker's Feedback Project

Christy Rice...has been an excellent resource for us since we live in California. She has been really great and we really appreciate her.
Anon, 2009 Broker's Feedback Project

Here is what some of our tenants are saying:

Although the other Yelp reviews are not great, I can say that Christy Rice is fantastic and I highly recommend her services! When our landlord backed out of our lease at the last minute after we paid and set up our move, Christy sprang into action searching high and low for a home to accommodate out needs. And since we were relocating from California, she went out of her way to video properties and sent us the movies so we could make an informed decision on available homes. She also verified other agents' credentials to protect us from fraud and provided us with constant communication, great information on homes and area locations, and valuable advice with schools and commuting. She was great to work with.
It is obvious that not only does Christy know the market but she definitely cares and operates with high morales and compassion. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family.
Allen P. 3/26/2014

Have always had prompt and very satisfactory responses. Repairs are done quick and efficiently....unlike any past places I have rented from. It usually takes days or more to get someone out to fix things but they get someone out so fast!! Very appreciative of all of their help. When applying for property our agent Christy R. was great and made everything go very smoothly.
Rebecca W. 6/12/2013
Moclips, WA

Just leased a place with Christy Rice up in Bothell, WA. She was courteous and professional and went out of her way to help us close the deal on this lease. She made sure that the transaction was smooth and efficient. We needed some stuff done at the home prior to taking possession and Christy was quick to get the issues resolved. I would definitely work with Christy in the future!
Richard B. 5/21/2013
Battle Ground, WA

Had a great experience with Christy Rice! We found a house then found another one with someone else then wanted the one with Christy so we called her and she went out of her way to work on getting the house for us! The yard needed to be cleaned up so when the gardner didn't show up she followed up and and took care of it! I felt that she has gone out of her way to make sure things fell into place for us! Thanks Christy for all your help!
Kelly B. 5/21/2013
Seattle, WA

I moved to WA from CA almost 4 years ago. After trying to find a home to rent on my own, I went to a broker's office who referred me to a property that Christy Rice was the leasing agent on. When the lease was up on that property and I was eliminating my roommate, Christy found the perfect condo for me to rent. I have had very minimal issues with the house and condo, and as soon as I contacted Christy the issues were immediately addressed and handled in the utmost professional manner that one could dream of. Christy Rice is truly one-of-a-kind person, personally and professionally. Right now I am in a financial situation which is causing me to terminate my lease early. Christy is handling this fairly and trying to cause me the least amount of additional stress. I would highly recommend Christy Rice as the very best rental agent you could ever want.
Toni F. 11/02/2011
Bothell, WA

I had an wonderful experience with Christy Rice! She has excellent communication, always returning my calls or emails very quickly. She always has time for my questions (silly or not), and takes a true interest in finding the right fit for me. I highly recommend Christy Rice!
Kim V. 08/31/2011
Downey, CA

We relocated to Washington (Seattle/Mercer Island) from Sam Diego California & had a pain the 1st few days looking for a new place to call home. Until we worked with Christy!!! She made it so easy for us. Right on her task. Christy always kept us informed with everything regarding the house via email/phone. I have to tell you that my agent Christy Rice was superb! While my husband was busy with his new job, I had to go out with my 2 yr & 3 1/2 mo. old babies. I am very sure if you do or don't have kids, then you can image the hassle juggling with everyone's needs. Both babies have different needs at different times plus onsite house viewing & paperwork. Christy made it happen. Website is so clean & easy to download the application (print/online). Give her a shot, you wont be disappointed! :) I know I wasn't . Trust me, if they do a bad job they would not receive Diddly-Schwartz from me. I know we will ask her to be our Special Agent for our final move (Permanent Home) soon :)
Edith C. 08/31/2011
San Diego, CA

We recently contacted Christy Rice for rental property....she was great to work with. Me and my wife were really impressed the way details were explained and would highly recommend her
Phani Vikram J. 04/05/2011
Bellevue, WA

Christy Rice is the best PM we have ever worked with. She was a primary reason to stay in the property for another year - we didn't want to work with anyone else.
Anon, 2009 Broker's Feedback Project

Christy Rice has always been very responsive when I've contacted her, and she's very pleasant, too.
Anon, 2009 Broker's Feedback Project

Christy Rice is AWESOME! She is always super helpful and responsive to our requests.
Anon, 2009 Broker's Feedback Project

Christy is the very best...all property management companies would be lucky to have her...she is a gem.
Anon, 2009 Broker's Feedback Project

She has been fantastic and I will use Windermere Property management solely because of her willingness to go that extra mile to insure that we not only know that she cares about our business but also our family.
Anon, 2009 Broker's Feedback Project

I work with Christy Rice and she's fantastic!! Super responsive and very pleasant to work with!
Anon, 2009 Broker's Feedback Project

Last Friday we came home to a broken pipe. I phoned Christy Rice (as she had just sent out another reminder and frozen pipe caution warning). She contacted someone to repair the damage, they phoned and said it would be Saturday night, then an hour later changed it to Saturday morning and about an hour after that phoned and said they were 1.5 miles away and headed to our home. Everything was repaired within less than three hours from when we arrived home and found the burst pipe. I can't tell you how much we appreciate Christy's diligence in making the repair process happen so quickly. Christy did a great job helping us out with this and I just wanted to pass that on to you :-) Later, I discovered that Christy felt waiting until Saturday was just too long, so she was able to contact the company and get one of the owners out to take care of it personally.
A.B., 2009 Issaquah, WA