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Why use Christy Rice and Windermere?

Would you hire a golf pro that didn’t play golf? Of course not! Let me assure you that Christy has income properties herself and knows first hand the headaches and worries that go along with an empty house and marginal applicants. She understands the real-world decisions that are part of making a rental work out for everybody.

Since 1999 she has managed everything from 400-unit apartment complexes to single-family homes. What she truly enjoys now is helping people find the tenants they need, and freeing her investors from what she calls ‘tenant-itis.’ Once you get your ‘vacancy swelling’ down, you’re free to do what you do best – make money! Christy also really likes helping the perfect tenant find the perfect home to rent, seeing that she has made a difference not only for her investor’s net worth but for a local family.

• Professional Pictures. Examples: or
• Video Tour of your home
• All listings are inputted into the MLS which helps to decrease the time on market
• 7 homes that I have personally owned as rentals
• 24 years in Property Management, with over 1000 rented homes
• A superior screening company that screens all 50 states
• We work with the top Landlord/Tenant Attorneys
• Move in Video Inspections in addition to the inspection report

Who is Christy’s client?

Christy has two main customer bases:

The most rapidly growing group of people who need her services is what she calls “accidental landlords.” Many people upgrade from one house to another, and (perhaps at the advice of their accountant or a magazine article) they keep their original home as a rental instead of selling it. Unfortunately, the complex nature of landlord/tenant law is such that a casual knowledge is not sufficient. If the stories of ugly evictions are not enough, the legal exposure landlords are in without a proper lease and procedures scare off many. Christy helps people who are renting out a home or condo not only comply with the laws but also help them by securing a longer-term lease with a more qualified applicant. People really can be a casual landlord and take advantages of this excellent opportunity: but they need to protect themselves and secure the services of a qualified property management team.

The second group Christy works with is full- or part-time professional investors. Whether their strategy is renting homes while land-banking and hoping for a big re-zoning win, investing in multi-family units, or savvy investors who are building their wealth one single-family home at a time, she can help. Investors are good at investing, and knowing their properties are being run efficiently frees them up to buy their next property. Christy is good at managing properties and keeping them filled. If you consider yourself a professional investor, you owe it to yourself to book an appointment with Christy Rice and see what she can offer you.

Random things you may or may not need to know

Her motto is “It’s Hard to beat a Full House!”
1 daughter Audrey
Loves her 2 cats Mango and Chutney.
Started an AIDS orphanage in Kenya.
UW Graduate.


Presidents Elite Circle Award for Windermere Property Management!!!
Emerging Leader of the Year for eWomen Network
Kenya Kids AIDS Project of the Year with the Seattle Junior Chamber of Commerce
Outstanding Young Citizen of WA State
Psi Beta Alumni of the Year
University of WA- Kenya Kids AIDS Project