Please Read

  • Every future resident age 18yrs+ must apply.  Married:  (check “Include spouse” box for spouse)
  • After you apply, your bank will show a “PENDING TRANSACTION” on your card.  This only becomes a real, processed transaction when your application is selected and processed.  However, your bank may hold the amount of the application fee as a pending transaction and decrease your available balance.  If this happens, it is because of the policies of your bank.  
  • If the application is canceled or another application is selected, we will NOT process the application, and the pending transaction will disappear. The time it takes for this pending transaction to disappear depends on your bank, not Windermere or the screening company.  Most holds are released within 30 days from the day you applied if your application was not processed.
  • On the next page, please use the application labeled ‘Application- WPM/JMW Group.‘  Please make sure to enter the correct address of the home you are applying for.
  • Dependents <18yrs must have full names and Date of Births listed
  • Once your application has been selected, you will then be directed to obtain a FIDO score (pets or no pets- all must complete) at



  • ALL 18+-year-olds MUST apply.  Your adult children are 18+.  If there is no application from someone you listed as dependent and they are 18, your application is not complete and I cannot review it.
  • You will NOT be charged until we mutually agree.  Please don’t ask for a refund.
  • Type in the address you are applying to.
  • AFTER you have been approved, THEN go to if you have any pets or ESA’s.


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