Rental Application

Requirements for Rental Application

Your rental payments will be reported to Transunion (if managed by WPM).  Please see below for requirements:



2yrs of verifiable residence history or homeownership will be verified through tax assessor’s office and credit report
Two (2) or more 3-day notices within a 12 month period may result in denial
Two (2) or more NSF checks within a 12 month period may result in denial
Rental history reflecting any unpaid past due rent may result in denial
Rental history showing damage will require an additional security deposit and/or result in denial
Rental history with disturbance complaints will be denied if the previous manager would not re-rent



Monthly income must be at least 3 times the monthly rent. Guarantors income must be at least 5 times the monthly rent.
If monthly income does not meet 3 times stated monthly rent, additional deposit funds will be required
Most recent paycheck stub or Offer Letter will be required
Some forms of verifiable income will be required for unemployed applicants
Self-employed applicants will be required to provide proof of income by tax returns for 2 years



Verifiable employment is required
If unemployed and unable to verify income, application will be denied



Good credit required of at least 680 FICO score
After a dischargeable bankruptcy, applicant must show proof of positive established credit for 2 yrs
Foreclosures in the last 5 years may result in a denial or increased security deposit



We do not automatically exclude rental applicants based on criminal history. Any criminal history will be evaluated in consideration of when the crime occurred, what the underlying conduct entailed, and/or what the rental applicant has done since the conviction.



Any collection filed by a property management company/landlord will result in denial
Any unlawful detainer action or eviction which has been within 5 years results in denial.
Any current 3-day notice will result in denial
Outstanding debt to property management or landlord will result in denial.
Any applicant with a bankruptcy not showing as discharge is denied until shown otherwise
Excessive collection will result in denial